Sharing the Creative Resistance "Proudly Zapatista"

Sharing the Creative Resistance "Proudly Zapatista"

The seventh day of Comparte en el Caracol II de Oventic began promptly at 10 am, in the middle of a blistering sun, unusual for the Chiapas Highlands, and with the presence of members of Zapatista support communities and domestic and international volunteers. People from the Tzotzil, Zoque and Tzeltal indigenous communities, dawning ski masks, bandanas (some without) presented a diverse repertoire of art: poetry, music, dance, and theatric songs. Various well-formed groups of performers showed us the history of the indigenous people, from the oppression and resistance following the arrival of the Spanish to the counterinsurgency strategies that the people of southeastern Mexico are fighting in their struggle for liberation. 

The following 18 images show the evolution of the Festival por la Humanidad en el Comparte del Caracol de Oventic (CompArte Festival for Humanity held at the Oventik Caracol (Zapatista Autonomous Government Center).

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